Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 331

Today Mom described Don't as "cuddly." She's still eating fine, and is still very protective over her hay/grain if she thinks Gus might want to steal it. Let's start with some belly pictures!

Not much change there. She doesn't have that "belly pointing to the ground" look that we're watching out for, yet. 

Back end view

I think her udders may have looked a little more full yesterday than today, but I don't  know what mom thinks. (And I'm just going by the pictures since I haven't seen her in two days) Mom said her udders definitely have started feeling more "solid" since the first time we checked. She still can't express any milk. 
And, of course, the long-awaited mare vulva pictures. Again, I think it almost seemed more "relaxed" yesterday, and Mom said the same thing. 

So no one will be camping out in the barn tonight, and I doubt Mom will come home to a baby tonight! 

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